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Vue rapide Large Print Braille Keyboard Labels ( White Letters on Black )

Large Print Braille Keyboard Labels ( White Letters on Black )

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  • If you are in need of a Braille keyboard, we offer an excellent Braille label kit designed to convert your keyboard easily and quickly. (These labels are also available with large print commands.)
  • Braille stickers are a very economical option for creating a bilingual Braille keyboard. The stickers use an easy peel-and-stick method to install. They will not ooze adhesive, dry out, or damage the original keyboard key.
Vue rapide Braille Keyboard Labels

Braille Keyboard Labels

Prix normal 19,95 $US

Special Price 18,95 $US

Aussi bas que: 17,95 $US
Braille Keyboard Labels


Braille Keyboard Labels go on your keyboard to convert it to a Braille keyboard.

Braille keyboard labels are designed to fit desktop and laptop computer keyboards. Laptops with smaller than standard keys may not be compatible with the label sets.

Label size: 7/16" w X 9/16" H (11mm W X 14mm H)

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2 article(s)
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