About Buy PC Supplies, LLC

Who is Buy PC Supplies, LLC?

  • Richard Farber, President, founded Buy PC Supplies, LLC in 2005 with a vision to provide the Healthcare Industry, combined with Corporate and Consumers Nationwide, with standard and customized products. These products, such as Customized skin covers for keyboards, Laptops, Ipads, Business phones, are examples of our products used in office, hospital, surgical centers, VA, laboratory, cruise lines, food services, warehouse distributions as well as many more uses.
  • Additional Products: Custom Made Dust Covers, Disposable & Universal Skins for Laptops, keyboards, TV remotes, Mouse Skins, Business Telephone Skins, Large Print & Oversize Keyboards, Medical Grade Waterproof Keyboards, Foreign Language Keyboards and much more. Visit: www.Buypcsupplies.com
  • Buy PC Supplies continues to expand its product lines. We have added Large Print Keyboards for the Visually Impaired, Washable and Anti-Microbial products for the Healthcare Industry.
  • BBB has rated us A+ which is a testament to our outstanding products and service provided.
  • Globally and Nationwide, our customers include hospitals, healthcare providers, dental and hospital clinics and laboratories, surgical centers, federal government agencies, municipalities, college as well as school systems, libraries, computer labs, food services, restaurants, manufacturing, warehouse facilities, and much more.
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